Ways to Dress Up Your Boring Neutral Sofa

A classic sofa in a neutral color and durable fabric is a smart choice for any young decorator whose tastes are still developing. Using pillows, throws, and textiles, neutral sofas can be dressed up in a variety of ways to suit almost any aesthetic. Prevent your plain sofa from being a snooze by opting for one of the below ways to inject pattern, texture, and color into your space.The single lumbar pillow on this linen sofa makes a bold statement due to its saturated color and length. A clean, simple way to add impact to a neutral piece, a single patterned pillow is perfect for those with more minimal inclinations. An intriguing textile draped over the seat of this plain sofa injects a large dose of pattern and color into this space—but in a temporary way. A great option for those who dare to play with a patterned sofa without having to go through the expensive process of reupholstery, draping a blanket or fabric on a sofa also protects your light fabrics from small, sticky hands and muddy paws.While the saturated walls and bold hues of this room’s walls and art are certainly eye-catching, it’s the small ikat bolster tucked into the arm of the neutral sofa that really has us charmed. The small patterned-packed piece ties in the colors of the abstract artwork, while making a small but powerful statement on the sofa.


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