Best Shower Curtain Rod

When you yourself have a shower over a bath tub you will need a shower curtain to stop the complete bathroom getting wet whenever you take a bath. Get a shower curtain in a design you would like and which fits the model of your bathroom – usually shower curtains would be the biggest colored surface within little area – so it’s vital that you have it right. As soon as you get shower curtain residence, listed here is how to hang it properly

1. Construct the Shower Curtain

open the package and put the bath curtain out completely on the ground. Shower curtains often have actually two parts (that you might buy independently). You can have an outer non-waterproof layer and an inner waterproof lining or you may indeed have just one waterproof curtain.

2. Line-up the Eyelets

If you have got an inner and exterior curtain both will have eyelets in the top. If you have two parts after that set down the lining initially. If you have a wrong side and the right part after that possess right side facing a floor. After that lay the outer curtain on the top using eyelets in the exact same end and with the right-side facing outwards. Like that you will see best side on the liner while when you look at the shower therefore the most readily useful region of the curtain if you’re in bathroom!

Line up the eyelets involving the two curtains so the holes match. For those who have bought shower curtains and lining separately as well as the eyelets don’t match you may be definitely better holding the curtains separately and making use of a double (double track) bath pole or rail.

If you’ve got one waterproof curtain then simply lay it out on to the floor.

3. Insert the Rings

You need as much shower curtain rings as you can find eyelets in curtains. Insert these into each eyelet.

4. Hang over the Bathtub

Place the curtain rings regarding the bath curtain rod or railway which should be put in in accordance with the maker’s directions. (that you don’t want the whole lot decreasing you in mid-shower).

The inner liner or single bath curtain should-be placed within the bath tub as you shower to stop liquid leaking on the flooring. The outer curtain (if you have one) must certainly be organized away from bathtub tub.

5. After Your Shower

After you have got showered start the curtains totally – pull all of them up to they extent over the length of the pole or rail so that they have actually a chance to dry out – this will help prevent mildew.


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