Shower Doors Sacramento

As i am considering a house to acquire, I typically really care and attention how royal the bath rooms are. My partner and i only proper care that there are at the very least two . 5 bathrooms inside your home. I do want to deal with over readily available toilets. To me, there should […]

How to Repurpose a Sideboard into a Sink Vanity

I was thinking I could make something from scratch, but then got the idea to use the sideboard that was in my kitchen in my previous house as the sink vanity. The top cabinet is a separate piece of furniture that sat on top of the sideboard. When we moved to Lake Murray, the sideboard […]

Fireplace Mantel Makeover

I have a before and after fireplace mantel makeover transformation to show you. One that I am super excited to share with you. Do you remember the post where I asked you what I should do with the top molding on a hutch top that I was discarding? You are all so creative and gave […]

4 Tricks to Use When Hanging Drapes and Curtains

Over the years, having lived and decorated 5 houses, I have learned quite a few things about decorating.  It is my passion. I seek and search for ideas and inspiration everywhere I look. I get excited when I learn something new or see a clever idea. I even have a Pinterest Board titled, Clever and Stylish […]

Inside & Out: Window Cleaning Tips

It is that time of year again: time to ready the house for winter.  Over the weekend I set out to get one of the winter ready chores checked off my To-Do list.  I spent Saturday cleaning my windows inside and out so that all winter long I will be able to see clearly out […]

Colorful Dresser Drawer Makeover

Since we moved into the house on Lake Murray, I have been focusing all my decorating efforts on the first floor of the house. I haven’t shown you much of the second floor.  Today I am going to show you a “little” sneak peek. The second floor consists of a full bath, 2 bedrooms (for […]

How to: Remove wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is a task that many of us would rather avoid. The process has a reputation for being messy, frustrating and time-consuming … not to mention the potential that exists for damaging the walls beneath. If you’ve been staring at a wallpaper-covered wall and wishing you could just paint over it rather than attempting […]