Ways to Dress Up Your Boring Neutral Sofa

A classic sofa in a neutral color and durable fabric is a smart choice for any young decorator whose tastes are still developing. Using pillows, throws, and textiles, neutral sofas can be dressed up in a variety of ways to suit almost any aesthetic. Prevent your plain sofa from being a snooze by opting for […]

Clever Kids Room Wall Decor Ideas & Inspiration

Bedrooms for kids are so much fun to decorate! There’s practically no limit to the potential and no design rules to stand in the way. For many, the most enjoyable part has to be the walls – they’re like big fresh canvases just waiting for bold colors and fun designs. This post examines nearly two […]

Stylish Ways to Decorate your Children’s Bedroom

It is no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. Used for sleeping, playing and working, it follows that their space should be a reflection of their little personalities. Still, as Yvadney Davis told The LuxPad last week, it is easy to get lost in the world of children’s interiors. We asked 27 experts […]

Things Every Bedroom Needs

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, so why give it the short end of the stick when it comes to design? A few simple tweaks will leave you with a bedroom so dreamy you won’t even want to fall asleep. A Comfortable Rug Nothing ruins a happy morning (or makes a crabby one worse) like […]

Retro Diner Decor Ideas for Your Kitchen

There’s something about diners that feels like home. Sure, the amazing comfort food has a lot to do with it, but the inviting bar stools, bright colors, and nostalgic memorabilia are all part of the experience, too. So what could be better than bringing that welcoming, retro look to your own kitchen? Don’t worry, we’re […]

Furniture Makeovers Have A Heartwarming Backstory

We love a good furniture makeover and we love a good cause. So Out of the Dark, the UK-based company that rescues discarded furniture and puts young people, usually those struggling with a difficult background or situation, in the driver’s seat of restoring them. Out of the Dark trains and educates the teens they hire […]

Nautical Bridal Shower Favors

If you are planning to have a desired destination wedding, the beach design bridal shower area is the excellent way to call and make an ultimate pre-wedding celebration you certainly will surely benefit from. All the men and women involved will probably be delighted to appreciate the coolest wedding party theme wherever festive, thrilling creativity […]